Car Battery Services

24Hours Support for all Car Battery Needs

Whether you are at home or on the road, you can rely on Battery Empire to provide high-quality car battery services. Our expert car battery mechanics will ensure that you keep on moving. When your battery fails, a boost can only help you to get to your next destination. However, it doesn’t really solve the problem.


When you contact us, we will deliver and install quality car battery. We will only do it when your old car battery died and required replacing. We offer support to all car owners in Singapore, 24/7 with island-wide coverage.


Do note that even though we are totally transparent with our car battery pricings, for 24 hours car battery replacement services, we will require to quote first prior to confirmation of the car battery replacement services.


Call us at +65 8499 7511 to ask for car battery prices!

Office Hours In-House Car Battery Replacement

With totally transparent car battery pricing, we provide affordable car battery replacement services at our specialized workshop in Yishun. When you bring your car into our workshop, we will make sure that we have the right car battery for you.

24Hrs Onsite/Roadside Car Battery Replacement

There are instances in which your car battery died when you least expect it. There are also times when you find yourself with a flat car battery. When that happens, you don’t need your car to be towed. We can replace your car battery anywhere in Singapore. Just give us a call and we will bring a replacement battery to your location.

Onsite/Roadside Mobile 24Hrs Jump Start Service

If you find yourself with a flat car battery, contact us right away. We provide onsite jump start service to send you on your way. Not only that, we will also test your battery to determine whether you need to replace it or not. Our technicians can also check what causes your battery to drain.

New & Used Batteries

When you visit our workshop, you’ll find a wide range of car batteries to choose from. We have in-stock both brand new and second-hand car batteries for all types of vehicles. We make sure that you get the right car battery that suits your budget, preferences, and needs.

Corporate Packages

We also offer a wide range of corporate packages for businesses that own a fleet of vehicles. Our corporate packages provide savings to our customers who need to order batteries in bulk. Customized to suit the needs of your organization, you can trust us to provide dependable car battery services for your fleet.

24 Hours Services

We also provide after office hours services when you need battery replacement or onsite jump start service. We know that there are instances in which your only free time is after work or your car battery just died at a really bad time.

Fresh Batteries for All Types of Cars

  • Alfa Romeo cars
  • Aston Martin cars
  • Audi cars
  • Audi TT cars
  • Audi R8 cars
  • Austin cars
  • Bentley cars
  • BMW cars
  • BMW M3 M4 M5 M6 cars
  • BMW i8 cars
  • Chery cars
  • Chevrolet cars
  • Chrysler cars
  • Citroen cars
  • Daihatsu cars
  • Dodge cars
  • Ferrari cars
  • Fiat cars
  • Ford cars
  • Honda cars
  • Honda Acura cars
  • Honda NSX cars
  • Hyundai cars
  • Infiniti cars
  • Jaguar cars
  • Jeep cars
  • Kia cars
  • Koenigsegg cars
  • Lamborghini cars
  • Land Rover cars
  • Lexus cars
  • Lotus cars
  • Maserati cars
  • Mazda cars
  • McLaren cars
  • Mercedes-Benz cars
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS cars
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK cars
  • Mini cars
  • Mitsubishi cars
  • Nissan cars
  • Nissan Fairlady 350Z 370Z cars
  • Nissan GTR cars
  • Opel cars
  • Pagani Zonda cars
  • Perodua cars
  • Peugeot cars
  • Porsche cars
  • Proton cars
  • Renault cars
  • Rolls-Royce cars
  • Saab cars
  • Seat cars
  • Skoda cars
  • Ssangyong cars
  • Subaru cars
  • Suzuki cars
  • Toyota cars
  • Volkswagen cars
  • Volvo cars