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Bosch Batteries, The Perfect Source Of Power For Every Car
Modern cars today are fitted with features that require higher power than you think. With the increasing on-board electrical consumables, Bosch batteries provide consistent power supply ensuring the highest standards are met at all time.

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Singapore Leading Car Battery Replacement Services

Flat car battery? Call us at now for quality car battery replacement or jump starting services. By having the largest ready stock of car batteries in the market, we ensure our car batteries are always the FRESHEST you can get.

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Our Car Battery Services

*Warehouse Car Battery Replacement Services

Looking to replace your car battery? Get it replaced at our warehouse for the most hassle free arrangement!
*Strictly via appointment only.

24Hrs Roadside Mobile Car Battery Replacement Services

Stranded on the road? We provide fast & reliable 24hrs on-site mobile car battery replacement services. 

Roadside Mobile Car Battery Jump Start Services

Flat car battery? We provide onsite jump start service to send you on your way.

Car Battery Stock Availability

Singapore Car Batteries

Largest Stock of Car Batteries

We are probably one of the only Company in Singapore that stocks a high volume of readily available car batteries from various brands.


Singapore 2nd hand car batteries

Reconditioned & Tested

To ensure reliability, we only sell 2nd hand car batteries that are re-conditioned and tested with our testing equipment. We do not sell batteries that fail our test.


Singapore Car Battery Testing

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Car Battery Customers

Contact us today for all car battery related requirements in Singapore.

Who Are We?

Your Car Battery Replacement Specialist

We are a professional car battery Company incorporated in Singapore that specializes only in car battery maintenance services. By being a specialist in this field for many years, we have the necessary expertise in changing car batteries and fixing complicated flat car battery issues for all type of vehicles such as cars, vans, lorries, trucks (except motorcycles). We pride ourselves for having a large stock of car batteries and with the economies of scale, we are able to offer quality car battery services to our clients with immediate availability for all type of cars.

For corporate customers with a fleet of vehicles that requires regular car battery maintenance support, we are able to offer various customized corporate fleet maintenance packages. You can reach us via our Corporate Enquiry Page.

Our growing team of well trained car battery mechanics are friendly, honest and reliable. We do not over-promise and disappoint our customers. To fix an appointment, do give us a call at 8499 7511. Alternatively you can reach us by sending us an email through our car battery replacement services request form, which our customer service support staff will respond to you at the fastest time.

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Why Choose Battery Empire?

Honest & Friendly Mechanics

Unlike many providers out there, we do not make unsubstantiated claims that we are not able to deliver. We are 100% honest and forth-coming with our customers on what we can do and we keep our pricing transparent with no hidden costs.

Skilled with all kind of cars

Some vehicles have extremely complex configurations, which require a lot of work and expertise for a safe replacement of the car battery. Our mechanics have deep experience and are able to deal with all kinds of cars for car battery replacement services.

Freshest Car Battery Stock

We pride ourselves for being able to commit a large stock of readily available brand new car batteries. Due to our  economy of scale, we are always able to offer freshest quality car batteries for our customers.

Holistic Car Battery Services

Being car battery specialist mechanic, you can find us for everything related to car battery issues for your car. We offer on-site, warehouse based and jump starting services. We also have a wide range of brand new and 2nd hand car batteries.


Our online e-shop is available to you 24/7. Check out our E-Shop here.

Fast & Responsive

Being committed to our clients in times of needs, we have in-placed effective measures in our processes to ensure we are always reachable for all car battery problems regardless of whether it is the holiday period or after office hours.