Car Battery Support Services

Activating Battery Empire Car Battery Support Services / Claiming Car Battery Warranty

This car battery support guide is only for Battery Empire’s customers!

All car batteries sold by Battery Empire are for the sole purpose of starting your vehicle, not to support 24 hours camera recording.

All new car batteries purchased from Battery Empire usually has warranty period from 1 month to 12 months, depending on the type of batteries you bought and the respective car battery promotion terms & conditions. If you faces any issue starting your vehicles with car batteries purchased from us, please follow the following steps to request for our car battery services and support.

  1. Contact Our Car Battery Support Services line at +65 6262 0911.
  2. For the purpose of claiming car battery warranty, tell us your original Battery Empire invoice/receipt number and date of original installation. Please also indicate the make & model of your car. To facilitate your warranty claim, original receipt must be produce.
  3. Do note that there will be a standard on-site support fee. We will send our car battery support team to your location as soon as possible at the mutually agreed time, depending on the availability of our mechanics.
  4. At the site, if the car battery is assessed to be defective due to manufacturing defects upon testing and inspection and if the battery is still under warranty, our car battery mechanic will do a 1-for-1 replacement. Battery agent warranty only covers product from manufacturing defects, they DO NOT cover battery that is damaged by human mistake or drained off by 24 hours video camera recording. For solutions on 24 hours video camera recording and how to avoid getting your warranty void by agent, do drop us a SMS/Whatsapp at +65 8499 7511 to find out more today!
  5. However, if the battery is assessed to be drained/flat for various reasons other than manufacturing faults, we will advise you accordingly.

FAQs About Car Battery Warranties

How does the warranty work?

We are the authorized re-seller for Bosch, Amaron, Hoppecke, Drive, Globatt & Volta automotive batteries.

All car battery brands have agent warranty against manufacturing defects for a certain period (depending on the type and brand of car battery you bought) from the date of sales. Battery agent warranty DO NOT cover battery that is damaged by human mistake or drained off by 24 hours video camera recording. For solutions on 24 hours video camera recording and how to avoid getting your warranty void by agent, do drop us a SMS/Whatsapp at +65 8499 7511 to find out more today!

At any point of time if customers are experiencing any issues with the battery, they can contact our office and we will send our support team to our customer’s location to check on the battery. If the battery is tested to be truly faulty, a 1 to 1 replacement will be done on the spot and we will claim the faulty piece on our customer’s behalf at the battery’s respective agent.

A re-visit fee is applicable as stated at point of sales (via sms confirmation and printed on invoice). Alternatively, if customers don’t wish to pay, they can choose to jumpstart their vehicle and visit the respective agent themselves with our invoice for the claim. The agent will assess their situation and do the claim if the battery is tested to be truly faulty.

Why should I pay revisit fee, warranty should cover all!

At Battery Empire, we try our best to offer the best valued for money car battery packages to the public.

Free onsite & free installation for certain brand promotion means you save more, and we earn less, all for the benefit of our customers. With that being said, we hope that our customers will understand that the re-visit fee is purely used to cover the petrol charges to travel from:
A) Battery Empire’s office to customer’s location,
B) Customer’s location to agent’s location,
C) Agent’s location back to our office.

While some big companies make it mandatory for their customers to sign up as a member in order to enjoy free coverage for their onsite services (12 months to 24 months period with prices varying from $100 to $200), at Battery Empire, not only do we keep our prices as low as possible for our customers, we also do not require any membership sign up, we only charge customers on a per visit basis.

What device do you use to test whether the battery is faulty?

At Battery Empire, we only trust Midtronics MDX-300 Series Battery & Electrical System Analyzers.

Midtronics MDX Series battery testers and electrical system analyzers incorporate more than 25 years of experience designing essential battery testing tools featuring industry standard conductance technology for nearly every car and truck OEM in the world.

With the Midtronics MDX-300 Series Battery Testers, it’s now easier than ever to determine and present the current state of a battery and electrical system.

Using patented conductance technology and time-tested reliability, the MDX-300 Series performs a quick and accurate battery or system test in seconds—without heat, sparks or user interpretation. The results can then be printed and reviewed immediately with customers for added impact in preventative maintenance routines and customer service.

  • Tests 12 volt batteries and systems for cars and light trucks
  • Tests starting and charging system voltage and displays results
  • Bad cell detection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Tests discharged batteries down to 1 volt
  • Multiple rating system compatible (CCA, CA, MCA, SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS#)
  • Tests multiple battery chemistries; lead-acid, AGM, and GEL

We hope that we have shed some light on how our warranty claim works and why it is necessary to charge a re-visit fee.

Battery Empire Car Battery Support Center

Warranties for car batteries are always a thorny issue. At Battery Empire, we know that when customers replace new set of car batteries and suddenly they are not able to start their cars due to flat batteries, the frustration will set in. From our years of experience in handing car batteries, we've observed that most of the time, the fault does not lie in the car battery, rather it is due to other undetected issues within the car that deplete the car battery's power. Common causes are 24 hours in-car camera recording, power leakage, voltage drainage, undercharging, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, Battery Empire is committed to provide the best support services for all our customers who have engaged our car battery replacement services. If you have recently bought a car battery from us and is now facing some issues, feel free to contact us for our car battery support servces, with reference to the procedures published in this guide.