2nd Hand Car Battery


All car batteries sold by Battery Empire are for the sole purpose of starting your vehicle, not to support 24 hours camera recording.

2nd Hand Car Battery

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2nd Hand Car Battery Promotion Details

Terms & Conditions apply!


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In view of COVID-19, all services at our warehouse will be by appointment only.

*Onsite fee applicable for outdoor services.

*Installation surcharge applicable for cars that are not in stock condition.

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Used Car Battery Warranty

Petrol/Diesel/Machinery - 1 month
(Passenger Cars/Commercial Vehicles/Private Hire/Rental)

May Be Void By Agent - When car battery is used to support 24 hours camera recording  

*Full warranty will only be given when your car setup fulfills the battery agent's requirements.

Terms & Conditions


  1. Battery warranty (by respective battery agent) covers:
    • Warranty covers defects in manufacturing only.
    • Only diagnostics run by our qualified mechanics will be accepted for warranty claim.
    • 1-to-1 replacement should the battery be tested to be faulty due to manufacturing defect.
  2. Battery warranty DOES NOT cover:
    • Re-visit charges.
    • Defective alternator.
    • Use of battery in situations other than intended (eg. to support 24 hours video camera recording).
    • A damaged battery (eg. due to human mistake).
    • A deeply discharged battery is not considered defective, and therefore is not covered by the manufacturing warranty.
    • Battery fault due to deep discharge is not subject for replacement of battery and subject to rejection of warranty.
  3. In the event our outdoor team are onsite and it isn’t car battery issue, the onsite fee is chargeable.
  4. Promotion is only applicable for car, van and lorry.
  5. All goods sold or service rendered are not refundable or exchangeable.
  6. Not valid with other promotions.
  7. Battery Empire reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
About 2nd Hand/Used Car Batteries

2nd Hand/Used Car Batteries

ideal for cars about to be sold or scrapped

If you are looking to scrap or sell your car within a year, getting our 2nd hand / used car batteries will be a very good economical decision. Rest assured that all our used car batteries are obtained through reliable and legal sources. We will only sell used car batteries that pass our testing procedure to ensure reliability for our customers.


How do you ensure customers get reliable 2nd hand car batteries?
To ensure reliability of the used car batteries, we have a systematic process of checking every car battery we obtain. First, we will use a battery tester to determine which car battery is suitable for usage again and which have to be scrapped.

Next, the 2nd hand batteries have to go through various tests and meet our requirements before we print a Car Battery Test Result Slip with various important details on it such as Voltage, Measured CCA, Actual Battery Rating and other information. The Car Battery Test Result Slip is then attached it to our 2nd hand batteries so that consumers are aware of the full results. On top of that, we make it a point to go the extra mile by calculating the actual battery’s life span percentage left and indicate it on the Test Result Slip for consumers who will appreciate that as not all are savvy enough to understand the technical details.

When should customer choose 2nd hand car batteries instead of new ones?
As 2nd hand battery’s typical lifespan is 6-12 months, customers who choose 2nd hand batteries normally falls under 2 scenarios:

  1. Car is going to be scrapped
  2. Car is going to be sold off
  3. In very rare cases, we do have customers who are very price concern, and do not want to spend so much money on a battery, so they opt for our 2nd hand battery, as the cost is much cheaper

Any risk involved getting 2nd hand car batteries?
All our 2nd hand batteries have to go through our tests and meet our requirements before we re-sell them. We also provide 6 months warranty for all our 2nd hand batteries so that in the unlikely event that the battery fails on our customers within the warranty period, a 1-to-1 exchange will be done for the battery (onsite fee not included).