Car Battery Promotions

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Battery Empire Promotions

The following car battery promotions are only applicable for typical mainstream transport vehicles.

Not applicable for Boats, Cherry Pickers, Golf Buggys, Generators and other machinery.

If ย you require car batteries for such purposes, please contact us via Car Battery for Special Purposes Page.

Singapore 2nd hand car batteries

Old Battery Trade-In Deal

Old car batteries = $$

Do not throw away your old car battery!

Trade in your current car battery and enjoy $20 off your car battery purchase.

Largest Stock Car Batteries



Buy more batteries

Promotion is only applicable with any battery purchase.

Make a second battery purchase and enjoy $10 off for the second car battery purchase.

Car Battery Workshop at Yishun Singapore

Accessories Big Sales

Car Accessories

All our accessories are going at below market prices! Grab them now while stocks lasts. Limited stocks left. View our shop at Carousell.